Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 (IMPORTANT) – Who does not know the Windows 10 operating system? After previously getting to know Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP, now almost all Windows users have moved to Windows 10.

Why should be named Windows 10 and not Windows 9? Investigate a calibaration, this happens because Windows 10 is a comprehensive long-term platform, and Microsoft feels this operating system is not suitable if called Windows 9.

Released on July 29, 2015, this operating system can be used free of charge, and for those of you who use Windows 7 or 8 can directly upgrade your device to the latest operating system.

Well, before you intend to buy a PC and switch completely to Windows 10, it helps you pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 which we will cover in full below. Let’s just pay attention!


The advantages of Windows 10

  1. Sophisticated Modern Features

As the latest operating system, Microsoft has equipped Windows 10 with a variety of qualified and different features from previous Windows.

Windows 10 has a setting feature that is integrated with the existing Drive, so you don’t need to worry about losing data access and so on.

Windows 10 is also very up-to-date as proven by the Always Sync concept that is carried by them. Do not forget to also feature Windows Mixed Reality and Edge browser upgrades that add to the excitement when using Windows 10.

  1. Compatible to Install on All Devices

Windows 10 can be installed on almost all of your devices. Not only computers or notebooks, but can also be used on tablets and even smartphones.

Even though there are many smartphones with Windows OS, we still recommend having an Android or iOS-based phone, because many of the advanced features are only released on both operating systems.

  1. Right to play the game

Here it is good news for gamers. Updating your device with the Windows 10 operating system is a very appropriate choice because Windows 10 is designed so that you are more free to play your favorite games.

Windows 10 is equipped with DirectX 12 which is so powerful and connected to the hardware that you normally use to play games.

For those who like to pay attention to FPS aka Frame Per Second in the game, statistically the game played on Windows 10 gets higher FPS than Windows 8 and Windows 7 (especially Vista).

  1. Practical Start Menu

In contrast to Windows 8 which is complained about a lot because it has a start menu that is difficult to use and less efficient, Windows 10 has a very practical and dynamic start menu.

Maybe you realize that the start menu in Windows 10 is similar to the combination of the start menu from Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  1. Has a Virtual Desktop Feature

Virtual Desktop is one of the superior features available in Windows 10. Virtual Desktop itself is a technology that can help you to make multiple desktops to your liking.

This technology works for you who need a fast and precise file search. Not only that, with this feature you can switch desktops easily.

  1. Much Safer

Windows 10 has a cool security system. There are several security features that you can use to secure your device. one of them is Windows Hello, which has a similar way to a smartphone, the retina scanner or fingerprint.

You also do not need additional software for antivirus because security on Windows 10 itself is tight.

  1. Suitable for multitasking

Windows 10 is more suitable for multitasking. Actually not much different from its predecessor versions of Windows 7 and 8, but you will be more helped by using this Windows 10.

This latest operating system makes it easy for you to open multiple applications in the same screen.

  1. Easy activation

If you are still using an old version of the operating system, it is better to immediately upgrade to Windows 10 which will make it easier for the device to connect with a Microsoft Account.

The activation details will be automatically saved in your Microsoft account in the form of a Digital Entitlement License.

  1. More Touch-Friendly Operating System

Windows 10 has maximum support for touchscreen devices such as tablets, ordinary laptops to hybrid types. Windows 10 is indeed the most suitable operating system used for the touchscreen.



Lack of Windows 10

  1. Privacy Issues

The main criticism of Windows 10 is how this operating system handles sensitive data from its users. Microsoft is not very transparent in how it retrieves Windows 10 user data.

It is known that there are analytical tools that track user habits when operating Windows 10. Although not dangerous, not all users are happy with this, especially those who might create a conflict of interest.

The application is installed automatically when installing Windows 10, and you can turn it off in the Advanced installation. One thing that remains a mystery is what data Microsoft retrieves, and how it is used.

  1. Somewhat Difficult to Operate

Windows 10 seems rather difficult for ordinary people to use. Instead of making an easy operating system, Microsoft instead made Windows 10 for people who are used to using computers.

Windows 10 is also not very user-friendly like Windows 7. Yes, actually you can because you are used to it. So you should familiarize yourself with using Windows 10 to get more accustomed.

We don’t think it’s a problem with this adjustment, given that Windows 10 is a long-term project, which means Microsoft will not change the version and appearance of Windows drastically until the next few years.

  1. Frequent ‘Updates’

Windows 10 is also not completely ‘perfect’. There are still many updates coming from Microsoft and you should be prepared to frequently update your device

Because there are some programs that are still not ‘intact’, Windows 10 has a less than optimal performance. Over time and as more and more programs become stable, the frequency of updates in Windows 10 will also decrease.

  1. Change Experience Often

Another drawback that is in Windows 10 is changes that occur routinely including the UI and UX. The number of these changes may also be able to bother you who are not following developments about Windows 10.

Although this is a good change, but still you will feel uncomfortable with the changes in Windows 10 that are so fast. The frequency of this experience will also decrease as the stability of the program, the operating system, and the habits of Windows users.

  1. Wasteful Internet Quota

The number of updates can make you quickly run out of internet quota. Different from previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 requires you to update several times a month until an annual update.

This is because Windows 10 continues to feel security gaps that need to be addressed, programs and performance that is less stable, bugs, until it still collects user behavior data.

That was a brief and concise explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10. Until this article is published, there are only 2 popular operating systems on the market namely MacOS and Windows (Chromebooks are still difficult).

Therefore, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each so that they do not choose wrongly.