mycomputertrainer.co.uk – Like the internet, computers are mandatory items that must be owned in the digital era like now. There are many things you can do with the help of a computer such as doing school assignments, completing office work or just surfing in cyberspace. Do you realize that a computer system consists of three important components, namely hardware, software and brainware. A detailed description of the computer system components will be provided in the following article.

1. Hardware


Hardware is hardware that is visible to the eye and has a tangible physical form. The hardware on the computer itself is still divided into four parts, namely input devices, output devices, processing devices and storage devices. Here’s the review:

Input Device

The first part is the input device or input device. Included in this input device is a keyboard, mouse, webcam and scanner. This device is categorized as an input device because of its function as a tool to enter various data and commands on the computer. A data or instruction must be inputted first before it is processed into the information we want, therefore an input unit is needed which becomes a gate for data from the outside world to enter the computer system. The data that has been inputted will be converted into binary code so that it can be read by main memory.

Processing Device

The data that is entered through the input device will then be processed through the processing device. In other words, a processing device is a device that functions to process various data originating from the input device. Included in the processing device is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The role of the CPU is very important in a computer because it is the brain of the computer system. The CPU is also the device that manages all internal and external devices on the computer.

Output Device

Output device or output device is a device that provides or outputs the results of the incoming and processed data. Examples of output devices are monitors, printers, headphones, speakers, webcams and microphones. In other words, this output device presents all the information obtained from processing computer systems such as images, sound and video.

Storage Device

The last device in hardware is a storage device. As the name implies, this device is a device used to store various data. Storage device itself consists of two types, namely internal storage and external storage. Examples of internal storage are hard drives and RAM. While external storage, for example, is an external hard drive, CD, DVD and flash drive.

2. Software


The next component of a computer system is software. Contrary to hardware, software is an invisible component. Software in a computer is an important component because it plays a role in carrying out all commands that enter the hardware. Software can also be interpreted as a collection of electronic data that is stored and managed by a computer, it can be a program or a connection to carry out various kinds of command instructions. Software is divided into three, namely system software, application software and additional software. System software is the main software that is very important because it is responsible for managing the components on the computer as a whole. Examples of software include Windows Xp, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Linux, IOS and others. Application software is a category for software used by a user to complete a specific task. In this case it can be said that application software is complementary software on computers that are used as a means of processing data. Examples are web browsers, office software, games and others. Meanwhile, additional software is software that performs special or additional tasks while protecting hardware. Examples include Data recovery, Disk Defragmenter, Sceensever, Backup, and others.

3. Brainware


The final component covering a series of computer system components is brainware. Brainware is a person who runs or operates a computer. Brainware is very important because computers cannot be useful if they are not operated by humans. So brainware is everyone involved in computer utilization activities. Examples of brainware include programmers, systems analysts, operators and administrators.

The complete set of information that you can read about computer system components. Through the above article, you will know that a computer consists of three main components, namely hardware, software and brainware. In addition, you will understand the functions and examples of the various components of the computer system. Besides being useful, hopefully the information above can add insight and knowledge to all of you.