Function of Computer

Basically, the function of a computer is very diverse, depending on its users. Referring to the understanding of the computer above, here are its main functions:

1. Data Input
Computers can receive information or data from other sources. The data is received through activities on the keyboard, mouse, from other computers or other equipment.

2. Data Processing
One of the main functions of a computer is to perform data processing so as to produce output, which is in the form of information. Generally, data that is processed in a computer is in the form of text, images, audio, video, graphics, and others.

3. Data Output
The next function of the computer is to produce output / information after going through the data processing. This information can be presented through a monitor, printer, and speaker.

4. Data Storage
Computers can also function as a place to store data so that it can be easily found and reused. The data can be stored in the computer’s internal memory or external memory.

5. Data Movement
Another function of a computer is to move data from one computer to another or various other output devices.