My Computer Trainer

I have always enjoyed working with computers and took to them like ‘a duck to water’ – however the mobile phone leaves me cold – so I can totally empathise with the non- techies!

Having worked as a computer trainer in some of the leading London Advertising Agencies and noticed that the new graduates all seem to come with ‘no fear’ – it is this which I would like to bring to you.

Lessons are tailored to suit you, whether complete beginners, professionals, students, job seekers, career improvers, top executives, home pc users, office users, the self-taught or whatever.

I can train you in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

  • Word processing (writing letters, documents, reports, labels, tables)
  • Excel Spreadsheets for those interested in aspects of financial accounts (from easy to more challenging) and maintaining  records – from basic to complex formulas
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • The window on the world – to help you set up and use email; browse (surf) and use the Internet for research, shop and keeping in touch with family
  • Cameras/scanners, digital photos, manipulation, photo sharing and creating albums
  • Assisting with computer set-up, explaining the parts, installing software and general system maintenance tasks
  • Troubleshooting session – selecting specific items with which you require assistance
  • Download music for your MP3 player
  • Digital photo frames upload and view pictures

All training is carried out in a friendly, patient and professional manner.

I can deliver classroom style computer training to groups of people or on a one-to-one basis at your home/office.

Most clients learning at home have lessons of two hours duration, whereas corporate clients have half or full days.

A detailed prospectus for each course is available on request.

Prices start from £25 p/h for non-techies or people with little knowledge (minimum 2 hours)

i-player (bbc podcast)

and itv player

Catch up on the last 7 days of BBC TV & Radio.

Download or listen direct

through the computer whilst still working on your PC

Connect and play it back on your large TV screen

Plus an endless number of miscellaneous items!